Friday, May 30, 2008

It's Friday so you get your Political Hit today...

Someone check the calendar, Hillary thinks it’s Christmas.

Here, we are on the decision weekend for the DNC Rules committee and suddenly, the latest pastor of the Trinity Church in Chicago gives up a sound bite that, if not for the fact that it is truth, would be a parody so sharp as to border on dangerous.

Someone should investigate if this Catholic priest, Fr. Pfleger recently received a sizable donation from the HRC campaign. The AP reports that Fr. Pfleger has been a spiritual and fiscal supporter of Obama, even being listed until yesterday when these sound bites found the light of day via YouTube, on Barrack’s website as part of those who give spiritual testimony and support.

Their relationship spans decades. Pfleger has given money to Obama's campaigns and Obama as a legislator both at the state and federal level has directed at least $225,000 towards social programs at St. Sabina’s according to the Chicago Tribune, but of course, there was no quid pro quo.,0,7803217.story

But I also have to question the timing of this coming to light. These things do not happen by accident, especially if Clintons are involved. The money aspect with this priest reminds me of the dish washers in San Francisco and those monks that had such largess for the DNC candidates. Perhaps it's all just a misunderstanding. Maybe economic times are not as tight as we’ve been told. After all, these donations could just be those stimulus checks that came in the mail.

Alternatively, maybe Fr. Pfleger was a part of that DaVinci Code conspiracy that Dan Brown and Tom Hanks uncovered, wherein Catholics secretly rule the world…something which, if it were true, I submit, Notre Dame would have had a much better winning record this past decade.

Now I concede that primary season is the time of the improbable that is the world of politics. Everyone gets their lumps. It’s like mental boot camp for the candidates. As an interested spectator, I propose a few strategies for the three wantabes that are seeking the ultimate office in America.

Candidates, please note, none of these strategies were advocated by Karl Rove, nor were they vetted via any public polling.

If Obama really wants to take the DNC without qualms, he should send a few Obama girls over to visit Hillary’s campaign. With the right Obama girls, Bill would swift boat his wife within seconds. Then, you should adopt a symbolic role, declare your administration shall not drive SUV’s and the White House will become Green and have the thermostat stuck at 70 the whole year around as a matter of policy. Declare you will get rid of Air Force One and drive in a hot air balloon or a Zeppelin. Have your motorcade on segways or use the Metro. Bring sweaters back into style. Promise that everyone that votes for you will find their true love, regrow their hair, have healthy gums and season tickets to the local professional soccer team. Promise We will be loved by the Europeans and hand out free Kool-ade.

If Hillary really wants to take the crown, she’s got to show she’s not just an older version of Obama policy. She should go to Iraq unannounced, and then come back and say okay McCain, “Let’s dance.” Then she should demand her place and propose as an alternative, a third party if she doesn’t get it. If she creates a third party, she should meet with McCain, and create the hand shake deal for becoming McCain's Perot to Obama. McCain will get the No. 1 spot and She’ll get a nod to the Supreme Court. The DNC will cave or she’ll win, either way.

Meanwhile, if McCain wants to be the leader of the free world, he needs to decide whose votes he wants and which party he’s the nominee for, RNC or DNC. If he’s going to be leader, he needs to say what he plans to do, what he believes and not back down. If he wants to be president, he needs to convey a vision of what he will do –what policies he will propose and what he will veto. Acting as a leader by gaining consensus through compromise –that’s what happens after one becomes the leader, not how one becomes the head of the pack. If he stops pandering, the RNC will cave.

Finally, McCain needs to inject in his campaign some humor and life about his level of experience and expertise rather than acknowledge any virtue/experience of his opponents.

Old? Seasoned.

Establishment? Really? When I’ve been labeled a Maverick most of my political life?

Out of touch?

I’m not running to be popular. These are the policies I’m for, these, I’m against. I’m running for president. I’m here to govern, not to make you feel cool or cure all ills. The person who says they can do that is lying, not just to you, but to themselves.

As they are, if the US were headed by a committee, these three yahoos would be on it. This is why governors usually do better than senators in national politics. They lead a state, the buck has stopped with them, as opposed to being one of a body of 100. Right now, we have three candidates who want to be the candidate badly, and in some cases, show their desire badly, and no one that shows they want to be more or know how to be more than a candidate.

Here’s hoping one of them grows up by actual Christmas.

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