Friday, April 25, 2008

My 15 Seconds of Fame...or not...

As followers of this blog may know, I participated in the Erma Bombeck writing conference Saturday Night Stand Up.

Tim Bete, organizer of the whole deal, edited the two hour event down to the best ten minutes and posted a link on youtube. The catch? I don't have high speed internet, so after 20 minutes of trying to watch a stilted stand up...I'm linking it here. You guys with hi-tech will have to let me know if I managed to escape the cutting room floor.

I managed to see the Laughing Redhead and she was a scream all the way through. She runs clean comedy in Colonial Williamsburg --family friendly, and so if you head there for vacation, you should see her stuff.

Here's the link. Please please please, leave a comment and let me know. There will be names posted so you can find me. I wore a dark green dress and a gold/green wrap and I took off my shoes. My feet hurt. And it was stand up. So I needed to think on my feet.

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Aurora said...

YES!! you made it... (several got cut altogether) It shows your 'hard to turn off the mom button' bit. and it was GREAT!!
Amy Wx

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