Saturday, April 5, 2008

Blogging Ignorance

Going to a workshop today to learn more about blogging. The Ludite in me is terrified.

I went this morning to hear John Kremer talk about all things techie, which the liberal arts major in me fears.

He gave me a few minutes of his personal time to try and teach me how to put pictures on my blog.

After a few minutes of trying, it became clear that this will remain a writing blog. I know how, but my computer is very comfortable with it's non photo posting role in life and has registered it's displeasure.

I have always believed in the ghosts in the machine and my own "baby" --yes, I call it that, or at least had personal angst similar to if someone touches my actual baby that I don't know when the airport security took out my computer.

Will finish this post later, but the bus is leaving and I have to go learn what I don't know.

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KayFour said...

Yep, that was funny. No worries. Your writing blog is funny!

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