Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Second Stations of the Cross

There was still the evening show.
At five, I loaded the car with my two daughters who were in the show and my sixth grade son who wanted to see it. My 16 year old and 14 year old agreed to babysit the littles, and my 18 year old was at a softball game, probably late.
I got to the school. The CCD leaders were upset. They lacked a key player. The student assigned the role of Simon, the one who helped Jesus carry the cross, failed to come. I drafted my sixth grader. He didn't want to perform. He hates any and all assignments that require he take the stage. I told him, you're being pressed into service, same as Simon. I bribed him with the promise of milk shakes.
I'd get to watch of my kids be part of this seasonal play I've always loved. The phone rang. My daughter's softball game ended. She'd been left at the high school alone. The school was ten miles away, but it was rush hour. What would normally take twenty minutes, would take forty. I'd never make it back for the show.
My daughter texted me. "No one invited me to go to get burgers. Also, I rode the bench. Again." I'd have to convince her not to quit. Sure enough, she got in the car in a full fuming mood. "Why am I wasting my time?" she asked.
"Softball season is long. You'll get your chance."
"I hate it. I want to quit now."
"Give it a week. If you don't play in a week, you can explain, it's too time consuming for Senior year."
She began texting on her phone. It meant she'd give it a week.
Parking, I saw three parents coming out to their cars. Everything was over. My son and two daughters came out of the classroom, cramming rice krispy treats into their mouths. My son in between bites managed to gag out, "Milkshakes?"
I brought them all back to the car where the texting teen informed me she needed us to stop at the store for coffee, gum and shampoo. She medicates with shopping. I said yes. My son babysitting texted a note. "Smuckers Uncrustables and protein shakes for my track meet tomorrow and frozen meatballs, we're making pasta."
The three actors got their milkshakes. I told them how sorry I was I didn't get to see them.
"That's okay," my daughter who played Veronica said, "The Stations of the Cross are tomorrow too."

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