Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Holy Week Thoughts

Palm Sunday, we get the reading of the Lord's last hours.  We get to see in painful detail all the ways we need Good Friday.

Because Jesus would not do things the way we wanted them, by being a King in the world as opposed to King of the world, we betray Him. 
We fall asleep even when things are dire.
We fall asleep even when He asks us not to.
We fall asleep in His presence.

Because we're too weak to speak out, we ask, "What is truth?"  
Because we're envious or chafe at His words, we plot to undermine Him, blaspheme Him, testify against Him, or watch as these things are done.
Because we're creative when we feel righteous, we weave crowns of thorns, and invent games, "Play the prophet." and demand Jesus answer, which of us struck you.

To fit in with the crowd, we say "Crucify him."
To not be declared like Him when someone says, "Surely you were with Him." we deny three times.
We give a heavy cross to Him.
We watch Him fall.  We watch Him fall again. We watch a third time.
We don't want Him to die just yet, so we get just enough help to prolong the pain.
We want to watch Him nailed.
We place a sign over His head. 
We pierce His side.
We dare Him, "Let this Messiah, this king of Israel, come down now from the cross, that we may see and believe."
This week, hearing this read aloud, it occurred to me, that last request by the chief priests and scribes, He answered with a yes, giving them the opportunity to recognize the Messiah (and one hopes some of them did).   The idea gave me great comfort, the people asked for the unreasonable, and God answered with the lavish "Yes" that is Easter.

Have a blessed Holy Week, prepare for the day of the most lavish Yes.  

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