Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Over at Patheos Today!

I have a piece on Patheos today discussing Down Syndrome, research for a cure, and what losing the witness of people like my son Paul, might make harder to see.   Today is my son's fifth birthday.  So I'm also linking up older Paul posts that people might like. 

From the Catholic Standard, Baby Paul's Heart and Ours.

"Kids Like Paul" which ran at New Advent as well.

His 100%. and The Very Necessariness of Everyone come from my blog.

and then,
The Everyday I Love You is also at Patheos.

Paul is the inspiration for a lot of writing and praying and playing.  But since all of these give you where's my tissue type moments, let me close with something more up tempo.   We gave Paul and electric musical tooth brush.  He loves it.  For ten straight minutes, he played it, brushed his teeth and jumped up and down.  We thought it was a one time response but each time, it's ten minutes, jumping, pure joy.  So one thing I do now know from all of this, his teeth are sparkling white and he'll be in fighting shape and fitting trim before the batteries give out.

Happy Birthday Paul!

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