Tuesday, January 29, 2013

If a Blogger Doesn't Post

And the viewing count goes up...

How much of my readership is spam bots seeking to tell me, "Great post. I really love how you handled a difficult subject, why not check out my website that sells widgets?"

Hope they were amused.  

For the rest of you...

Ten Signs You are the Mother of Multiple Teens

10) None of the food you must buy is for you. And what you do buy for you, gets eaten...but not by you.

9) If in a moment of weakness you take a bit from the candy bar that has sat in the refrigerator since Christmas, you will be branded a bad mother and reminded of said incident at every possible opportunity.  Reparations will be insufficient.

8) You have to wait your turn and then allow for interruptions of that turn, on the desktop.  When you do get the computer, people will sit behind you watching, staring, trying to start conversations. Don't be fooled.  If you engage, they will then ask to use the machine. 

7) You get text messages at 3 in the morning saying, "I can't sleep."
6) A child will greet you in the morning with, "Why Did You Clean Up the Bathroom?"
5) No one ever goes to bed or gets up on time but you despite multiple alarm clocks, buzzers, etc....including the one who sends 3 o'clock messages.  
4) Any suggestions during lull periods of the year by me that one might join a club are met with "I don't have time."  When  in the midst of SAT preparation, play rehearsal and regular studies a child announces he or she is considering the track team, my response of "Are you nuts?" is considered a sign that I do not support them getting involved and having a life. 
3) The level of annoyance to siblings exponentially increases the likelihood of a behavior continuing.  Hint to Older Children: NEVER SAY "I Hate That Song..." You are guaranteed 24 hours of earworm hell.    
2) Homework is best remembered after 10 p.m.
1) Without telling them I've gone to the bank, they always sense if my wallet has money. 

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Anonymous said...

Good stuff there. We have just the one bathroom, so there is always a line. Woe betide the unfortunate one who gets in the shower after my seventeen year old daughter has drained out all the hot water!

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