Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's Thursday!

So let's get this party started.

Today we consider how in the past week, we succeeded. It's not always epic, but it is always vital, the work done to nourish hearth and home. Remember:

When you feed your children, you have fed the hungry.
When you change them, you have clothed the naked.
When you comfort them through colds, you have cared for the sick.
When you console them when they hurt, you are bringing peace.

So every day is living a beatitude, if done with love.
Little things with great love...that's what we're supposed to be about.
It seems simple.
We all know how hard sometimes giving that extra can be.

So without further ado,

This week I

1) took all who were eligible to confession. There were howls of I have too much homework...normally a fail safe get out of jail free card in my house, but the two who complained had watched batman that afternoon and been outside so I vetoed this objection.

2) helped with the rescue of a dog. There were 2 loose big dogs that attacked a little dog and my son ushered the littles inside, my daughter went over to help the owner with getting them off her pet. We came out with the only thing available. Bats. We didn't hit them, but we looked menacing and that combined with my daughter's fending them off a bit with her feet drove them away. It was scary but the dog that was hurt is on the mend.

3) Went to an online writing conference, it was like a breath of fresh air on my brain. Didn't realize it was so undernourished.

Now it's your turn!

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Sahmatwork said...

Love how we live out those beatitudes.... visit the imprisoned?....every time I took a baby out of their crib! -sahmatwork

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