Saturday, January 23, 2010

Don't Make Me Pull Over this Blog!

If you missed it, this week Hugo Chavez has declared that the earthquakes in Haiti are not the result of a bad deal with the devil or global warming, but the effects of a U.S. made "earthquake machine." To me, this is not just Sick. It's strange.

It seems to me as if the President of Venezuela has been listening to Hans Zirkoff formerly of Nasa. Cue Flash Gordon video...

His theory is bad as the French worrying that we're occupying Port-a-Prince.

The people of Haiti are suffering beyond anything we can imagine. Please contribute to the Red Cross or Catholic Relief Services or any charitable fund that will be able to distribute food, water, clothing and medicine to those who must cope with their entire infrastructure having been flattened.

For the sake of the rest of us, France, Danny Glover, Pat Robertson, Hugo Chavez and any others out there who think they have the answer as to why an earthquake happened, stop speculating and do something useful. Tattle tailng conspiracy theorists Danny and Pat, donate money and urge others to do so as well. Hugo, get some cheap fuel over there pronto if you're so capable and magnificient and concerned. You sound like cheap extras from a grade C- sci-fi movie...but I guess for Danny who'se career has been non existent for some time, that might be an upgrade.


matthew archbold said...

Sherry, I just realized that you're not on our blogroll at CMR. I apologize for that. You've been a great part of our combox for a while now.

I apologize for the oversight and I added you tonight. Very sorry.

Sherry said...

Thanks Matt! I've honored.

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