Friday, October 31, 2008

Why We Fast

Today, I got to shake things up a bit at our house. My youngest decided he needed a trip to the Shady Grove Spa, (nickname for all hospitals in our home), courtesy of his Pediatrician. So this Halloween, I'm pretending to be a mom of one, and their dad is pretending he works from home.

We arrived at 4, were admitted around 9 and I wanted food. (It was 11 when I expressed this idea that I should eat something). The cafeteria was closed but the vending machines remained.

One of the machines sold burritos and microwave fries and frozen pizza and one more thing, a "Fish and Cheese" sandwich. Being in a hospital, maybe you could take the risk on food poisoning, but I couldn't help but think the two dollar couldn't cut it as a Filet O Fish sandwich had to be in that machine as part of a lost bad bet or possibly, a dare.

Maybe there were some strict Catholics who needed a viable option for abstaining times of the church calendar year. The problem with that idea, there are no days of fasting in the Fall. Old Fish and Cheese sounded almost as bad as Preemptive Fish and cheese. I could not imagine how desperate one would have to be to eat such a thing.

It did however, encourage me to skip dinner. Fasting is good for the soul, particularly when the dish served is Sole.

p.s. Paul is doing very well. This is just part of the process of moving towards his eventual heart surgery.


Anonymous said...

Sherry - call me if you need help this weekend.


reprehriestless warillever said...

There is soething about hospital cafeterias and vending machines... I think that they are trying to drum up business for the hospital by making the visitors sick to their stomachs.

MightyMom said...


you cracked me up!!

glad to hear Paul's doing well at the Spa. is he beefing up nicely?

Did you get a back massage?? (you'll need one after sleeping in that chair!)

ain't it great to ONLY HAVE ONE KID for a little while??
(practically a vacation!) I've been known to tell people at the store "oh it's great to be childless today" I stick my daughter on my hip. Then I have to explain that there's two more at home.

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