Monday, August 4, 2008

Ensuring Your Economic Security

The politicians would love to have you believe that they hold in their policies, the answers to all your economic woes. But I know the truth. Republican, Libertarian or Democrat, if you want to ensure your own future fiscal success, there is a simple way to guarantee success!

Find out what we do. Then do a direct 180!

Want proof? Reasonable, and what's more, demonstrably effective as versus any plans put forth by those seeking higher office.

When we were first married, we lived in New York. What better place to live on the income of one teacher than NYC?

Then we moved to Houston, where naturally, with housing prices being so profitably low, we rented an apartment. Eventually, we broke down and bought a second car, even though my job was across the street from where we rented. About the time we doubled our expenses, I stopped working to take care of our first born. Naturally, having shed my job, it was now time to move again.

So we moved to the third most expensive place in the United States, after NYC and California, Washington DC. Once again, we chose to rent. We opted not to enter into the 401K at the time and refused to buy stock for fear there would be a crash. After all, the Dow Jones had never crested over 1000 before.

Five years and four children later, we bought a house. The housing market promptly went insane, but we could not capitalize as we had only just purchased and would have to hold our asset. Five years more passed. We had our house bought by the state and purchased a new one. The housing market is now in a free fall.

So, in the interest of preserving friends and family's fiscal health, I issue this warning. I opened a savings account today.

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