Saturday, April 4, 2020

Sherry's 2 Cents Worth

1) We're all in this together. We will survive or not based on understanding this reality.  If you don't understand this reality, you endanger everyone else. 

2) We need all the hotels near the hospitals to clean their buildings so we can have room for emergency places in the event the numbers of patients become beyond what the hosptials can bear. Here's where the feds can put some of that money, to pay the hotels, to rent the rooms so to speak, so that there will be space to keep people quarantined. 

3) We need business that can to make masks and ventilators and gloves, to mobilize as if for war, because this is a war against a virus to save the world. 

4) We need the food industry to repackage itself as take out only, you order online.  You pay online, you bring your phone with the code. It's scanned. The food is loaded in bags into the trunk of your car.   That way no one can overload, no one can fight over toilet paper.  No one exposes the employees and no one exposes the consumers. 

5) School.   Zoom Homeroom for attendance and emails of immediate concerns/needs/paperwork/announcements. 

Alternate day schedules, like college.  Academics online.   Office hours online. 

6) Religious services.  We've seen drive thru adoration --love it.  Drive thru confession.  Inspired, and we could hold drive in masses.  Everyone is parked.  Everyone participates.  Everyone is watching the same thing on their phone in their cars so everyone is participating, and sees the Body of Christ also participating. 

7) Movies --the return of the Drive in.   Bring your own snacks. 

We can get through this, and we'll be stronger for it, provided we keep allowing ourselves to think beyond what we've lost, and what we can't, to find what is possible. 

Just my two cents. 

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