Sunday, December 31, 2017

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On the last day of 2017, I made my writing goal, to get 52 pieces published.  In the ongoing series on meditations on the Rosary, I thought the Christmas season the proper time to take on the Incarnation.  I've always found the quote by C.S. Lewis to be helpful in cultivating  a sense of wonder about God's willingness to submit Himself to our condition. 

However I discovered the world is filled with people who don't get that analogy only helps one to understand a relationship, it is not the definitive authoritative exclusive means by which to understand the relationship.   They live in com boxes and send helpful emails explaining to me that we are all created in God's image (Yes), and that to compare Christ's becoming human to our becoming a slug is to demean the degree of divine image in ourselves.  I go back to...I am so fallen, I would not want to, for love of all slugs, for love of a slug, or for the salvation of all slugs, become a slug and I know, I am not so far above a slug as Christ is above me despite being made in God's  image. 

I told my son about the exchange and we joked a bit about feeling like a crab or like slugging someone...but that words are mighter than swords and it would be in bad form.  However, in the event anyone doesn't understand I'm still using poetic imagery to explain things: 

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