Thursday, June 1, 2017

Small Success Thursday and....Aleteia!

Hey folks, as you know, I still write Small Success Thursday, but it's only posted on Facebook.  Here's the link if you belong to Facebook...Small Success Thursday!  ...Give Five, Take Five, High Five! This week, as we began to slow down, I began to take stock of things we've not been able to manage because there's always been so much going on, and made a list like I said last week I would. Slowly, things began to come together. we made appointments. We scheduled visits to deal with maintenance. However life isn't about simply getting things done, but doing things with the time we're given. I felt the tug, the nag to return to giving five minutes to each child at night. The result? Three cleaner rooms, one big hug of a thanks Mom, and one hey Mom, I need a big hug, and a reminder of why I used to climb the stairs every night, and why it needs to happen always, even if I'm tired.   But you may need to scroll down to get to it.  Just look for the picture:

Additionally, Aleteia ran a piece of mine today.  
Seven Things You Can Do to Prepare for Pentecost.  I admit, I'm proud of this piece.  I hope you enjoy it. 

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