Friday, July 1, 2016

Catholicmom Two-Fer

Back right after Easter, it hit me that as part of this Year of Mercy, there should be a series at about mercy, and Lisa Hendey agreed.  With the help of Barb Grady Szyszkiewicz, editor extraordinaire, we've been running a series, Ordinary Time, Extraordinary Mercy or #OTEM if you know how to find stuff using twitter.  

Here's my first contribution to this body of work, Forgiveness is Mercy.

So yesterday was Thursday and I did have a Small Success Thursday post as well.  Between vacation, and the ordinary stuff of maintaining this family in the summer, writing time has taken it on the chin.

Here's your SST fix.  

However, I am enjoying this time with my husband, kids and Mom.  

Go over to my facebook page if you want to see the video of the one that got away.  My arms still hurt from that thing.  

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