Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Profile of My Daughter

Today her heart explodes with joy. 

She writes her name on her arm with her favorite marker and adds a number ten next to it.  She decorates her temporary tattoo with sparkles and underlines it three times.  She puts on her new dress and matching shoes and wants her hair in pony tails with long streaming ribbons.

After singing the soundtrack from The Sound of Music as she walks down the stairs, she opts to play the part of a matador with her brother and sisters.  “Toro, Toro…” she rolls her “r’s” and they race around the house four times before breathless, she stops to reassure me, “I won’t be one of these when I grow up.” 

After waffles with strawberries and syrup, and washing it down with milk, she tells me she wants a cake for dinner and hamburgers and french fries with ketchup and gives me a fierce hug.   She puts all of her smile into that hug, and I want to give her a birthday as deep and passionate as she; lIke flowers and fire, one mirroring her heart and her songs and hugs, and matching her ribbons, dress and shoes.

Happy Birthday Rita!*

*I had a writing assignment, to describe a color through everything but the color.  So I'll ask you to guess the color from this story.  What color did you see?


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