Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Two More Weeks Please

School starts in six days.  

I am not ready.

The kids are not ready.

Bedtime is still something negotiated and I've yet to have greater success than the UN.

Several still have last minute projects they aren't finished with, but which they do not seem to feel require urgency.

Three need haircuts.

Four need new clothes.

The dryer isn't working.

I'd like a day to sit and do nothing at the pool before school starts.

I'd like it for all of them too.

I'd consider home schooling, but it might mean summer went on too long.

Because I'm the biggest lover of these hot sleepy days.  

In case you've forgotten...a flash from the past.

What We Didn't Do This Summer.

I'll be outside making s'mores if anyone needs me.  That is all.

1 comment:

Neen said...

I am so not ready for this school year. My kids want to start cracking down with homeschool stuff but not mom. Can I join you with a s'more? That sounds like a great way to deal with the end of summer stress.

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