Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Work in Progress Blog Tour

Hello.  I'm posting here as part of a Work in Progress  Blog tour of writers.  A. M. Justice tagged me in a post, she's reviewed my previous work, The Book of Helen, and is part of a writer's group that seeks to keep all of us writing and improving, both as writers and human beings.   

When she invited me to participate, I wasn't sure I should, having just suspended my blog.  But it's fair to say I want to keep writing, and baring my taking on a full time position somewhere, I need to keep working if I'm to remain a writer and not a want-a-be. I'm still considering what my blog should be, but in the meantime, I'll update everyone on any and all progress on all things writing.

 So...where are we with Penelope...I'd say we're looking at all these threads and wondering how we are going to weave them into a coherent whole.  But Penelope is more patient than I am on any given day, so she's kept at me to keep reading, keep reflecting, and keep writing.  She's currently 81K, and I hope to get to 100 by the end of October.  Doable, but I need to press.     

What else are you doing Sherry?  I applied for a position as a reporter and became part of his freelance pool.  I have secured some assignments.  I'm still editing a manuscript for another author, and I still produce the weekly column for, Small Success Thursday.  Writing still remains very necessary to my every day.  

Now, I get to tag five writers and help them promote what they are doing and why.  

So for starters, I chose Erin Manning, a fellow Catholic writer who blogs over at And Sometimes Tea.  She's a more thoughtful writer than I am, she takes more time with her posts, whereas I fire and forget.  She's also forayed into fiction, so like me, she wears many hats.  

One of my favorite people runs a blog Confessions of a Sleep Deprived Momma.  She also runs a charity, volunteers, and keeps up with her very active family, but the posts she puts up are funny, real, and reveal a bigger reality than we went out and I read a book sort of stuff.   So Shelley Colquitt, I hope you'll take the challenge and dust off your blog to let others know what you're doing.

John Konecsni is a fried via the Catholic Writer's Guild and he does a bang up job on thrillers with accurate Church history.  He has a trilogy called  The Pius Trilogy, which I've had the privilege of reading and enjoying so I'm tapping him for his current and past work.  

Karina Fabian is one of the most prolific writers out there, and always has at least three projects she's putting out for the eager reader.  I'm partial to her dragon detective Vern, but she also dabbles in zombie stories, time travel and I'll let you find out what else over at Fabian Space.

Last but certainly not least, one of my favorite people, the editor of all my Small Successes. Sarah Reinhard blogs at Snoring Scholar.  She reads voraciously and is also a Catholic speaker and helps with the website    So Ladies and Gentleman, please consider yourself tagged, and use the opportunity to update your readers and mine on your current works in progress and projects. 

Thanks Amanda for tagging me! 

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Amanda Justice said...

Thanks for the update, Sherry. I can't wait to find out how Penelope turns out!

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