Saturday, August 16, 2014

College Bound

My daughter heads off to college next week and I am not ready.

So I tried to think of everything I'd want her to know that I haven't already tried to tell her over these past 18 years.  Here's my list of advice, all of which is written as a gift to let her know, to let the world know, we love her. 

25.  Be kind.
24. Be enthusiastic.
23. Sing.
22. Put your feet in the ocean.
21. Enjoy the stars.
20. Study hard.
19. Get enough sleep.
18.  Call us at least once a week. 
17.  Exercise (I will too).
16.  Take professors, not classes.
15.  Read everything.
14.  Give yourself permission to try things that may be difficult or require real commitment to do well.
13.  Give yourself permission to do things you do not naturally do well, even if you do not improve.
12. Make lists to help organize your day.
11. Keep your room clean.
10. Make friends with those who serve and are seemingly invisible, they hold wisdom and stories worth knowing.
9.  Never look down on anyone.
8.  Be generous.
7.  Pray daily.
6.  Facilitate beauty.
5.  Speak and seek truth.
4. Get off campus every once in a while.
3.  Take a day off from screens.
2.  Listen.
1.  Remember where you come from, and that the 11 other people who live here love and miss you and are rooting for you.  

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Anonymous said...

I can think of some Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Grandparents that love you and wish you well. I will be part of your prayer team- and so will Granddaddy.
Love and big hugs from TexaS.

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