Thursday, January 21, 2010

Small Success Thursday

Family&Faith Live! does a send up of everyday victories on Thursday as you well know, so here's my recap of the week.

1) Did 20 push ups this week. It is admittedly a sluggish restart of my fitness regimen, but it's a start.

2) Wrote several pieces. Submitted a few too. Gave some contact information to a fellow writer for a good piece. Hope hers sees print soon.

3) Got two kids hair cuts and my own. (Huzzah).

4) Called and visited with several friends.

5) Planned out Date Night for next Wednesday. Hudson's --a good pizza place in DC that has Sinatra Night every Wednesday with live performances. Thought it sounded really fun.

6) Took down the tree and the outside lights.

7) Paul has really started eating solid food. So far, he loves peanut butter cookies, pork chops, toast with butter, soy sauce chicken, chocolate frosted donuts, banannas, oatmeal with cooked chopped apples, eggs, bagel pieces, oranges and orzo.
(Next week, we'll work on adding some vegetables to that mix).

Have some small victories to share? Click on the title and it will send you to Small Success Thursday! I'm getting more fluent at this bloggy thing....sorta.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

LOVE the list! 20 rock sista! I want details on Hudson's. Sounds cool. I am in NoVa so going into the city for the evening sounds fun.
Enjoy your week!

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