Saturday, August 15, 2009

Speechless Speculation

Followers of this blog know I have one daughter who opts not to speak. We’ve been attempting to encourage her to find her voice with puppets and silly songs and other interactive exercises. This morning, my mother awoke to the dulcet tones of the two sisters sitting in their room playing with a musical toy.

The older sister would push a button on the play house to make it play music. My ordinarily silent daughter would say, “Shut up!” and both would collapse into giggles.

Their conversation left all sentient adults and siblings with multiple moral quandaries: 1) Who taught her this? 2) Why of all words she could use, is she using this? 3) Should we discourage her from saying this when we are so desirous of hearing her speak period? 4) Why must everything be overly complicated?

Fortunately, the situation resolved itself as my older toddler spotted her grandmother and immediately after the younger sister said, “Shut up!” and started to giggle, stated very primly, “That’s rude.” Followed by a blatantly false statement, “She did it, it’s her fault.” all of which brought the game to a prompt end.

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sometimes you gotta take what you can get!

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