Friday, November 4, 2016

Being More Pro-Life, Not Less in an Election Year

No one who knows me is in doubt about my feelings and thoughts about abortion. I believe it to be always gravely wrong, a serious sin, and the destruction of a child as of yet, not born.  I believe the act does great damage not only to the baby (always), but to the mother and the father always, and to the practitioner, and to any siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins.  They lose out on knowing someone unique, they also never really get to talk about the person they lost the opportunity to know.

I get why abortion exists.  It seems reasonable, rational, easy if you discount the child as being a child, or  if you measure the inconvenience and suffering of the mother as having greater weight than that of the child. I also get the quite correct objections to those who only worry about the unborn, and never about those who must care for the child who is born.  It is a great failing of those who feel so strongly about the injustice of abortion, when those same advocates fail to recognize the injustice of how we care for the sick, the poor and the family that surrounds the unborn.   Being Pro-life means more than being anti-abortion; it must if being pro-life is to have any meaning at all.

Being more pro-life pulls one out of a political party or ideology, because carring for all who cry out to heaven means crossing party lines and serving more than one constiuency.  Being pro-life means being anti-torchure.  It means being anti-unapproved, unvetted and unchecked drone strikes.  It means not suspending law when it's easier to shoot or to ignore.  It means caring for the imprissoned and the homeless, for the underemployed, the undereducated and the mentally ill.  It means treating each person, every person, all persons, with dignity and kindness, not because they deserve it with their title, status, power or gifts, but because they exist.   Their existence alone, our existence alone, warrants being treated with dignity and kindness.

It means we can't argue when or who it is justifyable to kill (innocent, guilty, unborn, elderly, sick, poor, mentally ill, incarcerated, foriegn) etc.   It means we work to the last drop of blood, and exhaust the last red cent, and spend every moment, for all we encounter, and seek to secure the freedoms and justice for every heart that beats.  Being Pro-life never fits on one side of any political party, because If you want to be Pro-life, there is no one on the outside of your Ven Diagram.  That's it.  That's all. Welcome to being Catholic. "Here comes everybody."

The bottom line is, being pro-life, being Catholic, always means that you are diving into a way that is much bigger on the inside, than you ever imagined.  It is always deeper and deeper in, it always grows and multiplies whatever loaves and fishes you bring to feed five thousand, it always turns whatever jugs of water you fill, into wine, it always brings us back to a fuller life when we were dead, it always gives us the opportunity for mercy, it always gives us the promise of more and more and still more life, truth, beauty and love, all for the mere giving of our own measly fiat.

I write all of this as a way to remind everyone, we can disagree from now until the cows come home about politics, we're to pray until the cows come home for all with whom we disagree.  We can feel earnest in our political opinions, but to assign the state of anyone's soul based solely on whether they punch a "R" or a "D" is to engage in a favorite sport of the Devil, to presume everyone else's eternal destiny, and declare someone off limits to God's mercy permanently, because of a singular moment in time.

So if you see a post that normally makes your blood boil, pray for the person with whom you take issue, pray for their candidate too.  It will do you and them, a world more good than starting a do it yourself excomunication via the internet.  It's harder than spouting off about how "Lord what fools these mortals be," but it's better win, lose or draw, for all involved, and much more likely to change hearts.


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Simple Faith and Life said...

Wow, thank you for sharing your thoughts. It's been two weeks since you wrote this, and I just stumbled onto it this morning, but it is balm to my soul.

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