Thursday, April 26, 2012

Small Success Thursday

Today we take stock of the past week and all the ways in which we did little things with great love. 

Sometimes the weeks fly by and I wonder, how in the heck can it be Thursday again? because didn't we just do this yesterday and it turns out, it was seven days but somehow, I blurred everything together.

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Last week I:

1) worked worked worked on Helen.  But editing a book makes you feel like one moment, she's awesome, she's trim, she's really taking shape, and the next, it's a monstrous beast with a bad hair day and no amount of chopping will save me.   Sometimes it's both in the same sitting.   The best way to describe it is

He loves his monster...but it's still a monster.  She loves her book...but it's still a mess.

2) went to a baseball game with three of my daughters. It was fun.

3) Still hanging in there with the Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary of Saint Louis de Montfort.  Day 32.

4) Exercised (really) three days this week, and started South Beach diet on Saturday.  Currently down six pounds, with 9 more to go.  Staying on it, mostly by writing down my progress but I admit, I'm missing variety more than anything else. 

5) Got to see oldest son yesterday. It was like a lovely breath of fresh air to have him home just for a few hours for a job interview.  It makes his sisters very gabby and that's pleasant.

6) Found a Confirmation dress for my daughter. Yes it's next week. Yes it's cutting close. But we found it, and it doesn't look like a bridal gown so I'm happy. 

7) Organized half the basement this week. The other half remains...

But there's always next week.   Think it will work? It would take a miracle. 

Now it's your turn:

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Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge said...

LOL at your last success. My boys watched that movie for the first time this weekend and on Sunday, when Shelby went skateboarding, the four-year-old found that same reference and used it in a joking way:

munchesmom said...

Hey, your basement is a "Pit of Despair" too? I don't feel so alone now!

Prayers & early congratulations to your daughter on her Confirmation!

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Big "Princess Bride" fans in our house!
Congrats on a majorly successful week!~

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